» GPS Promotion

Entry on the system is made by the users and it is only possible with the use of user name and password that have been previously provided. Entry on the system is made with the password from www.arvento.com address through the Arvento web software, as they are our solution partners.

Users can monitor through all of the computers, which have internet connections, with the use of advanced maps on the web provider.

Parents of students could control with the use of the system whether the vehicle had exceeded the speed limits or not by seeing the arrival times of their children to the school or back to the home.

The school management and the parents can control automatically the over speed that the vehicles make, the route that the vehicle follow and whether the vehicle had reached the school or the home on time or not.

Users can monitor the system on-line through their mobile telephones with new generation applications.

They can monitor through all kinds of mobile devices that have GPS feature and have BlackBerry, Nokia, iPhone, iPad and Android processing systems.

Tekil Makale Göster