» School Transportation

Service Hostess

Hostess or a counselling teacher are present at services.
Getting on and off the services are performed under the
guidance of the counselling teacher. 



Seat Belt

Students, who use the services wear their seat belts under
the guidance of the counselling teacher.



Driver of the Service

Mitur Servis Şöferleri

Drivers of the vehicles do not drive outside of the determined route.
Drivers do not smoke inside of the vehicles and they do not
allow for others to smoke.


”STOP” Light

Mitur Dur İşareti

“Stop” light is always switched on when students
get on the vehicle and off from it. 


Leave home on time              

Mitur Zamanında Çıkmalı

Getting on the school services should be on time.
Each of the students,
who are late, could cause the driver to speed up.


First Aid Kit and Traffic Set

First aid kits and traffic sets are available in all of the vehicles.


Recommendation of the Mi Tur Tourism

Control of the tyre tread depth and control of the brakes should be performed frequently.

Windows, which could be reached by the students quite easily, are made non opening in the vehicles.

Doors of the vehicles can only be opened and closed automatically by the driver only.

Our company, which is conscious that the student transportation is much more important than other transportation means, takes the necessary precautions by performing careful and decisive activities.

We have been providing our student transportation services for more than 30 years with our latest model vehicles and by also applying the latest technology as we comply with the rules of the transport service regulation of the directorate of public transportation services.

We also participate at special services certificate programs as well as the trainings that are being provided for our employees regularly as first aid training, fire fighting training and advanced driving techniques in order to take our services further. Participation at ISO 9001 and TSE certificate programs are planned within 2013 within this context.

Defensive driving techniques training is planned within the framework of the personnel training.


Actions to be taken for our safety

Primarily, personnel of the vehicle should be good humoured, respectful, in suitable way with the appearance principles and should be readily available as the students leave their homes.

By considering the safety concept first, it is the pre-condition of our company that the seat belts are worn by all the students before the vehicle drives and this has to be controlled by the counsellor hostess.

The speeds of 50 km/h for inner city and 110 km/h for motorways, which have been determined by our company as the limits, are not exceeded and this is controlled throughout the day with the GPS system. Arguments with drivers of other vehicles and racing with other vehicles are not engaged during travelling.

Students are handed over to the guards or to the parents as they get off the vehicle at service points under the control of the hostess and demand of any student, who would require to get off at a place other than the service point, is strictly turned down.

Food (biscuits, water etc), first aid kit, blankets are made available in the vehicles in order to cater for eating and warming up requirements of students in case of extraordinary conditions.

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