About Us

Our founders, Musa Colak and Islam Colak have continued their activities of bus transport service together under the company name of Mi Tur after 1994, where they both have started this business individually in 1984. While only student bus service used to be performed during the initial years, they have started to have their activities for personnel bus service and for tourism transportation also as the years went by.

Mi Tur Tourism has been providing its services for many years in the field of bus transport service since it was founded through its approach of making no compromises for its quality and safety concept and with its growing number of fleet of vehicles that are renewed regularly. Our company, which resolves every kind of problem it faces in short time by finding creative solutions through its specialist and experienced management staff, continues to provide its bus transport service for our children as they will be grown ups of tomorrow with the slogan of “It bears the responsibility primarily”.

Mi Tur Tourism unites hundreds of students with their schools and with their loved ones on every new day with security and in comfort.

We perform transportation service of our customers by fulfilling the responsibility and the commercial undertakings at maximum conditions in order to cater for their requirements and expectations with minimum of error with confidence and in a way that is suitable for the innovations of the era.

Provision of seat belts on each of the seats and companion hostess application, which we have started during the beginning of the 1999-2000 education year, have been made compulsory for all of the student bus transport services since we had led this as the Mi Tur Tourism.

Mi Tur Tourism owns latest model minibuses with 08-16 seats and busses with 27-46 seats and passenger vehicle fleets in consideration of the 365 days 24 hours uninterrupted service continuity.

All of the data about the transport vehicles are monitored as we have GPS satellite tracking system on all of our vehicles.

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